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   Concrete. - very interesting item!

   The total volume of a cubic yard is 46656ci (36x36x36) or 27cf
   However when you purchase concrete by the yard you are receiving an accumulated volume of multiple products.
      independently equivalent to 46656ci, BUT when added together they are MUCH less.
   The square volume of a cubic yard is 46656ci when mixed together you lose about 30%.

   So I calculated the true volume ( which works ) required and then divide that by 32500
   - which is aprox 70% of 46656.

   This calculator below will provide you with the total number of 'delivered' concrete yards required for your project
   - delivered from a concrete company


 Concrete Calculator for yard(s) of delivered concrete
 Lenght of object in feet
 Width of object  in feet
 Thickness of object  in inches
 Yard(s) of Concerete
 Needed for this job
 Required Yard(s)

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