Technology Professionals

Since 1981 working with the latest equipment(at the time it was card readers, punched cards) and software running within 2K. Since then we have written search engines for customers before Google was thought of. We began as old schooled IBM Mainframe experienced professionals that moved into the server arena to solve problems there. We are noted for improving applications Speed, Processing abilitys, finding problems and resolving them. We have tracked issues that landed within MySQL and working with the client reduced i/o contention from more than 1 billion i/o within 1 hour to 35,000. Reciently rewrote an Java application that consisted of 727 files, 16.2M of space and created 23 small programs (283K) that perform faster and is now ready to embrace cloud technology. Other savings in performance; we reduced an applicaitons processing time from more than 100 hours to 28 mintues.

We have written code in about every language and produce tight, productive applications

Additionaly we host ecommeric sites for small business.